Archers of Loaf

What was the worst AOLoaf show ever? Give us the details.

Archers of Loaf responded on 06/24/2011

We've had some real trainwrecks, but I don't necessarily consider those bad. The worst ones were the phoned-in ones. We played the Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans in (I think) '96, and it was one of the worst; just no energy. Bummed. Slept under a kitchen table that night. Probably not the answer you're looking for? The worst/best 2 trainwrecks that come to mind were a show in Greensboro in '92, when both other bands cancelled, and there was a sudden special on Mickey's wide-mouths. Eric J had tons of lipstick all over his face for the whole show. Only one amp, and three band members fell over though. The other was a mess at the Mad Monk in Wilmington. Incomprehensible invective hurled at audience, and one band member sprained ankle.

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