Archers of Loaf

Who, what, where & from whence comes the cover image from Seconds Before The Accident? You'll be happy to know it has haunted my acrophobic dreams for years, and is perfectly matched to the music. D

Archers of Loaf responded on 01/06/2012

Cool, thanks! I took that picture early one morning in September '95, of my friend Mark Owen, about halfway up the Pacific Ocean Wall route on El Cap in Yosemite. We often laughed about how, in climbing literature, there would be a photo of a guy climbing, and the caption would read something like, "Uffington-Smythe surmounts the final precipice. This photo was taken seconds before the accident." The theme seemed fitting for a chaotic live recording of a band that was on it's way into an indefinite hiatus. Those climbing trips have been the only other part of my life that's had the impact that playing rock music has.

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