Archers of Loaf

Great gig in London on Sunday night guys. When you do ATP in May will you be doing other dates around the UK? If so please come to Norwich.
Keep on rockin!
All the best. Jon

Archers of Loaf responded on 01/06/2012

Ah, Norwich. Haven't played there in years. Had a fun gig (at the Uni maybe?) I remember there being a quaint little mustard shop accross the road. Our van wasn't starting on that tour, so we had to push-start it everywhere.
I don't know for sure, but we're probably doing a UK show or two around ATP in May as we make our way toward Barcelona. I guess Norwich would be en-route to the continent?
Thanks for coming to the show at Cargo; it was one of the funnest in recent memory. Certainly, it felt the most reminiscent of the old days, I suppose.

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