Archers of Loaf

Hey guys - always wondered where you came up with the band name. Was someone an archer? A baker? Liked bread a lot? Were lazy and liked to just loaf around? Couldn't find the answer here...

Archers of Loaf responded on 01/06/2012

It was pissing rain, close to Halloween in '91, and we were visiting our families in Asheville. We took a break from our families to have a beer at a shitty little bar in a shitty little south-end strip mall not far from where Bachmann's folks lived. The place served food, but we were all scared to eat it; in fact, only a few leathery yokels, it seemed, sat pensive over equally leathery steaks, baked potatoes in foil, and those teeny loaves of bread often served in "steak joints." The premises backed up to a hobo-ridden swath of woods connected to the forbidden forests of the Biltmore estate. In the midst of our beer and conversation, we suddenly heard shattering glass, and some startled shrieks. At a neighboring booth, an astonished old-timer sat looking at his plate, where a deer-poacher's misguided arrow had come through the window to bury itself in his teeny breadloaf. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and we now had a story and, eventually, a band name.

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