Archers of Loaf

How is Eric's guitar tuned? We were front row at the Cargo in London, and got close enough to see that it's far from standard!

Archers of Loaf responded on 01/06/2012

Eric hates discussing this subject, and I don't, so I'll field this one, (sort of.) His original setup, which he still uses on about half the songs, is a standard setup, only with all the strings bumped up a notch, which kicks the little E string off the neck, so he strings it down in the now-vacant first notch, right next to the fat E. He's got about 2 or 3 other tunings, one's a variation of a drop D, not-quite-open tuning, and another thats almost all A and D strings, if I remember correctly. He's also used an open tuning on occasion. Not much help, I know! Sorry!

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