Archers of Loaf

Menwhile, back at the ranch...can you play, ""Bones of Her Hands"" when you hit the Bowery Ballroom. Also bring back some classic tees please (King Clancy, Street Detour thing that goes in the road?,

Archers of Loaf responded on 02/22/2012

No luck on Bones. But I'll bring the request to the other fellas, who knows? Unfortunately, I'd have to say it's a no-go at this point. Also a no-go on the King Clancy T's, but maybe later in the year? I don't know. As for the "traffic barrel" T's, we're definitely doing those. We're running behind on production, because we don't have the artwork anymore, so I had to get my sister to next day air hers to our merch company so they could duplicate it. Thanks!

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